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Monthly Archives: May 2011

So, rumor has it that on the night of May 21, 2011, that’s tonight, the world will end.


Correction, the world is not ending tonight, just the rapture. God supposedly told Noah (the guy that built the big boat, played by Steve Carell in Evan Almighty) that the world would end in another 7,000 years.

Steve as Noah

Well, God said something about 7 days, and a day is like 1,000 years to God, so 7,000 years. It’s all here, don’t take my word for it.

So, the word is that lots of people may die tonight. Some people might consider this an extermination. Maybe I haven’t read enough, but I have no idea how this is supposed to happen.

There are a few theories about how the world might end. There is the ever popular alien invasion theory.

ET was so much cooler than these guys.

There is the theory that an earthquake will lead to gigantic tsunamis that will flood the earth.

get your surfboard ready!

Personally, I hope that if the world is going to end, it involves some gigantic asteroid colliding into the earth, because I hope that Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis have the chance to save me.

I could stay awake, just to hear you dreaming...

The end.


Now I know what you’re thinking – “Exterminate penguins? But they have such style! And they’re so cute!”

No one is denying that penguins have a little swagger when they walk, and that they look cool. After all, what other animal can be seen wearing a tux?

"How you doin'?"

And they are cute, makin’ out in public and all.

"Gimme some sugar, baby." - P.S. Suck it, Fotolia, I'm using your photo anyway.

Penguins have families and mate with the same partner for life. The animal kingdom could use more examples of loyalty.

And those babies! Just look at the fuzzy, cute little babies!

We are so stinkin' precious.

nom nom nom

nom nom nom

nom nom nom

nom nom nom

Yes, yes, sharks are some of the toughest creatures on the planet. They eat all sorts of things. But it’s not just sharks that eat penguins. Here are a few pictures of cute little seals eating penguins, too.

gotcha! nom nom nom

This is quite possibly one of the toughest pictures ever. Also, nom nom nom

And yes, some of those cute little seals may be a little tough too. But here’s a penguin getting eaten by a bird.

chirp chirp chirp. nom nom nom

brrrrrrr. nom nom nom

In addition to the fact that they’re eaten by just about everything, penguins are kinda stupid.

"Weeeeeeeee! Who's next?!" -and- "nom nom nom"

I mean really, they’re sliding into the mouth of their predator! Could they make it any easier on the guy?

You might as well be, buddy.

In short, these animals are weak and stupid. They’re rollin’ along at the bottom of the food chain, which I guess makes them valuable to everything above them that likes to chomp ’em. But to the rest of us, they’re useless. Exterminate.

Note: Eating penguins doesn't make you tough - it just makes you look stupid.