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Occasionally, while doing research, you find something that is so on point you can’t help but get excited. But then, when you dig a little deeper, you realize that you were terribly, dreadfully wrong. Sometimes this gives rise to such frustration that extermination appears to be the only solution. In my case, the extermination is justified (not that there ever really needs to be justification).

It all started when I was doing a little research on extermination and stumbled upon a song titled “Exterminate.” Overjoyed at the possible discovery of the perfect theme song to compliment this blog, I expeditiously clicked on the link. The song was released in 1992 by a German band called Snap! The album even has clever cover art, so there was definitely potential.

I pulled up the video of Snap!’s Exterminate, full of expectation and excitement. It took mere seconds before that faded and gave way to extreme annoyance… and then a terrible headache. Since I would hate to deprive you of this misery, behold: Snap!, Exterminate.

I think extermination is the only appropriate response to this blasphemy by Snap! Any objections? I didn’t think so.




One Comment

  1. I am not sure what you expected from a German band from the 90s, but I am sorry for your loss nonetheless. I promise not to make a mix inspired by the song.

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