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I’m sure many of you have recognized the shortage in posts recently. I hope that you have supplemented this lull by performing some extermination of your own.


This post will reflect on an beautiful, all natural extermination. Yesterday, Mother Nature kicked the Metrodome’s butt, and I just can’t stop watching the video.

Let’s look at the facts here:

1. This stadium is located t in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

2. Minneapolis averages about 45 inches of snow per season, and sometimes gets over 60 inches per season.

3. The roof of the Metrodome is inflatable.

4. The weekend of the collapse it snowed about 17 inches in Minneapolis.

5. The roof of the Metrodome is inflatable.

6. 17 Ethiopian orphanages were hired in 1979 to make the roof, which is comprised 3,491,203 helium balloons that were originally purchased for birthday parties.

7. It took the orphans nearly 3 years to complete production of the inflatable roof.

8. During production 43 Ethiopian orphans lost sight in one eye, 12 lost fingers in sewing machine accidents, there were countless puncture wounds due to insufficient thimble distribution, and there was one burst lung, reportedly caused by a balloon backfire.

9. The roof of the Metrodome first collapsed from snow accumulation in 1981, before the stadium was ever opened.

10. The roof has collapsed or “deflated” a total of 5 times.

11. The roof of the Metrodome is inflatable.

If one thing is clear from all of this, it’s that the people who designed the Metrodome should be exterminated. Since Mother Nature doesn’t take names, she took it out on the dome instead. As I love to say, this is evolution in action – the destruction of an inferior stadium. Just watch the video again. It’s awesome. Inspirational really. So go on, get out there and exterminate.



One Comment

  1. When you walked into the Metrodome, you were almost literally swept off your feet by the change in pressure from outside to inside. It amazes me that this didn’t happen sooner. It would knock old ladies who were coming to see the Twins clean over all the time. Inflatable indeed. Like walking into a giant balloon.

    On a separate and more important note. This blog is hilarious. I’ll be a faithful follower most definitely. Thanks for the awesome posts. I hope to see you soon.

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