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We have previously discussed the inherent danger of riding lawn mowers, particularly when the operator is attempting to smoke meth with a blow torch near barrels of gunpowder. Today we will address another element that significantly amplifies the inherent danger of the riding lawn mower: drunken rednecks with southern style.

It all began one fateful night in Kentucky, when Harvey Westmoreland went out to his brother’s barn to meet a few friends. A dispute erupted over… you guessed it… a riding lawn mower. You see, these two guys sold it to Westmoreland for $20, but then felt like they were being “ripped off.” That’s when the trouble began. Guns and knives were brandished, and all hell broke loose in this lowly Kentucky barn. The fight reached its climax when the supposed friends cut off Westmoreland’s beard, and forced him to eat it. Yes. They made him eat it. Hear if from Westmoreland yourself.

What you see in this video is a wonderful display of Southern Style.  Here are a few more examples of Southern Style.

Souther Style horseshoes.

Souther Style hot tub. This one just seems like a bad idea.

Southern Style wedding.

When it comes down to it, you can dress however you want. You make your own hot tub however you want, you can party at your wedding however you want, and you can play horseshoes with whatever you want. But I draw the line at making a man eat his own beard. That is taking Southern Style too far, and for that, you should be exterminated.


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